10 Essential Machinist Tools

This is a slightly different post than my usual how to… What follows are my recommendations for the 10 essential machinist tools to get started in DIY Machining. I have each of these tools and use them regularly. In fact,…
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Pumpkin Key Chain

CNC Machined Pumpkin Key Chain

It’s fall here in North America and the weather is turning cooler and the leaves on the trees are starting to drop. This means Halloween is fast approaching! This day is becoming increasingly popular with adults. One of the many…
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X Marks the Spot – DIY Key Chain

X Key Chain

Have you ever wanted to build your own key chain? Get a head start, download the g-code and make one today using your CNC machine. These steps will walk you through the process. Below is a full materials list which…
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How to Set Your GRBL Feed Rate

Harbor Freight Mini Mill with DIY Arduino CNC Controller

Introduction – GRBL Feed Rate Congratulations on getting your CNC machine running. By now you should have adjusted a few of the GRBL settings. If not then before setting your GRBL feed rate, I recommend you set the steps per…
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GRBL – Motion Control for Makers

GRBL - Machine Control for Makers

GRBL software powers the Arduino CNC revolution. I am not aware of any comparable software. What exactly does it do? Basically, the software when loaded onto an Arduino creates the heart of a low cost high performance cnc controller. It…
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Digital Fabrication – Make Anything Anywhere

Example of one step in digital fabrication - image of a CNC Lathe & Operator

What is digital fabrication? Isn’t Digital Fabrication just the process of making something using a digital file? If you asked me that question a few days ago, my answer would have been yes. Well, then my curiosity got the best…
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Arduino CNC Mini Mill: Overview

Arduino Mini Mill Electronics Enclosure

The complexity of a CNC machine can be overwhelming, even an Arduino CNC Mini Mill. Considering the mechanical, electrical, software and tooling aspects, it’s enough to make your head spin. It would be much easier to give up before you…
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