10 Essential Machinist Tools

This is a slightly different post than my usual how to… What follows are my recommendations for the 10 essential machinist tools to get started in DIY Machining. I have each of these tools and use them regularly. In fact,…
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Digital Fabrication – Make Anything Anywhere

Example of one step in digital fabrication - image of a CNC Lathe & Operator

What is digital fabrication? Isn’t Digital Fabrication just the process of making something using a digital file? If you asked me that question a few days ago, my answer would have been yes. Well, then my curiosity got the best…
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How to Choose the “Right” CNC Machine

Work bench with space for a Mini Mill

Have you ever stood in the cereal isle at the grocery store and been paralyzed by the sheer number of options? Choosing a CNC machine can be equally challenging. From routers & mills to lathes & 3D Printers, with so…
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