The Grind: A Z-Axis Problem

The Grind: Z Axis Problems Fixed - Mini Mill CNC Conversion Tips

Sometimes it pays to read the directions! I experienced the dreaded “z-axis grind” that occasionally happens with installations of the CNC Fusion Kit. Check out the video below to hear how I solved the z-axis problem and some tips on…
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Mini Mill CNC Conversion for $5 a Day?

Mini Mill CNC Conversion: What does it cost?

I know what you are saying. Yea right Tim, there is no way you can do a mini mill CNC conversion for less than $5 dollars a day! I thought the same thing. Let’s break it down. Typically, I am…
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How to Choose the “Right” CNC Machine

Work bench with space for a Mini Mill

Have you ever stood in the cereal isle at the grocery store and been paralyzed by the sheer number of options? Choosing a CNC machine can be equally challenging. From routers & mills to lathes & 3D Printers, with so…
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